InteKreation: A Humble Beginning

I actively attend startup socials across Toronto – if there’s an event worth going to, you can count on me being there. Socials are the air that I breathe; socials are the driving force behind what I do. However, it is in frequenting these numerous events that I came to see fragmentation in the Toronto community, a subtle lack of unity in all the startup effort throughout the city.

For a city striving towards greatness, this is a problem – a house divided against itself cannot stand. The idea for InteKreation thus emerged from the threads of this social fabric, one of various patches needing to be stitched together. I envisioned the work of InteKreation as the glue that brings the Toronto community together into a unified whole – a functional unit from which true greatness can emerge.

Going forward, the future remains a blank page awaiting the ink of action. The plot is ever unfolding as pen meets paper, as conscious effort meets the contextual realities of life itself. The narrative of life is blessed with few guarantees beyond an ultimate ending – the inescapable parameter. Within the scope of this existence, I hope to have helped make Toronto and the GTA a better place to launch a world-class company through InteKreation.

Life is short – let’s cause a ruckus.

– Ian Gerald King, Founder

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31A Humble Beginning